How to Appeal a Workers’ Compensation Claim

How to Appeal a Workers’ Compensation ClaimMany employees severely injured on the job are shocked to learn that their workers’ compensation claim is denied. Unfortunately, many denials are automatic. Or, they’re denied for reasons that have little to do with whether or not the employee actually needs and deserves benefits. This means that some of the most critically injured employees have their claims denied.

Contacting an Attorney for an Appeal

If you are confused on how to file for workers compensation claim and if you haven’t worked with an attorney on your workers’ compensation claim, consult with one prior to appealing your case. Appeals can be challenging and often require the expertise of a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer. In fact, an attorney can have the denial reversed and benefits awarded.

The strategy an attorney uses to increase the chances that your denied claim will eventually be approved depends largely on why your claim was denied in the first place. If, for example, your workers’ comp claim was denied because you tested positive for a drug, your attorney may prove that the positive result was false and caused by a common over-the-counter or prescription drug prescribed to you. However, every case is different; it’s important to work with a law firm who understands how to handle appeals.

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