New Study Shows Majority of Workers’ Comp Medical Reviews Agree with the Treating Physician

Posted on : October 21, 2017
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One of the most common challenges faced by injured workers is that after they get conflicting information from the employer-required doctor and their own physician. This is a big reason to get a second opinion to begin with, because plenty of workers hurt on the job believe that the doctor requested by the employer did [Read More]

Construction Identified as One of The Most Dangerous Injuries for Workers’ Comp Claims

Posted on : October 15, 2017
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration shares that even though 6.5 million Americans work in construction, the cost of working in that industry can be quite high. Injury and fatality rates are among some of the worst in any industry. In 2013, for example, construction industry employees suffered the most fatalities of workers in any [Read More]