Who Is Most Likely to Use Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Posted on : February 6, 2018
A workers comp lawyer should be hired by anyone hurt on the job

Anyone can file a workers’ compensation claim if they can show that their illness or injury is directly related to their job. However, certain people are more likely to file for workers’ compensation benefits than others. These compensation claims usually pay for ongoing medical expenses and represent a portion of the lost wages due to the worker who is injured while on the job. When an employee is hurt at work, it is his responsibility to notify the employer immediately and to initiate a workers’ compensation claim. Practically every business is required to have some type of workers’ compensation coverage, but not all workers are entitled to benefits if they are hurt on the job. Some of the most common industries for workers’ compensation claims are tied to dangerous workplaces that put employees at a greater risk of being hurt to begin with. These include:

  •               Construction workers
  •               Industrial and warehouse workers
  •               Industries that work with chemicals

These industries represent significant risks for employees on a daily basis and when safety is not made the utmost priority, those individuals can suffer on the job. Some of the most common trades to seek workers’ compensation claims include those who work with transportation, chemicals, or large machinery on a regular basis. With more than 6.5 million construction workers in the United States, it is not surprising that construction workers are some of the most likely to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Warehouse and industrial work is also a high risk for injuries because of slip and falls or falling equipment injuries. There are approximately more than 34,000 serious forklift injuries every year and 84 of these will be fatal, according to research. Many forklift injuries happen during unloading and loading and approximately 42% of forklift accidents are the result of the forklift tipping over. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the employee to file a workers’ compensation claim in a timely fashion.

Anyone who has been hurt on the job must move quickly in order to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan. It’s also important to comply with the requirements of your employer and the workers’ comp company.