Are You Working in One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America?

Posted on : April 20, 2018

Many people know that their industry may be home to a higher risk of serious injuries in the workplace than others. However, a new ranking has put together the most dangerous jobs in America. Unfortunately, far too many workers in these industries suffer catastrophic injuries or even fatal injuries. The most dangerous jobs may lead to a workers’ compensation claim. Back in 1970 Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act. That year, there were 14,000 fatalities in the workplace.

The primary purpose of establishing OSHA was to put together safety standards in the workplace. Although standards have improved and workplace fatalities have declined, some jobs are more dangerous than others. The most dangerous jobs may lead someone to file a workers’ compensation claim or even a personal injury claim based on the severity of the injuries. The most dangerous jobs include:

  •   Heating and cooling installers.
  •   Construction and maintenance painters.
  •   Industrial machinery repair and installation.
  •   Electricians.
  •   Operating engineers.
  •   Umpires, coaches, athletes and related workers.
  •   Telecommunication repairers and installers.
  •   First line supervisors for lawn service and landscaping.
  •   Taxi chauffeurs and drivers.
  •   Repair and maintenance workers.
  •   Electrical power line repairmen and power line installers.
  •   Sherriff’s patrol officers.
  •   Construction workers.
  •   Mechanics.
  •   Grounds maintenance workers.
  •   Agricultural workers.
  •   Extraction workers
  •   Farmers.
  •   Sales workers and truck drivers.
  •   Steel workers.
  •   Recyclable materials and refuse collectors.
  •   Roofers.
  •   Flight engineers and aircraft pilots.
  •   Fishers.
  •   Logging workers.

If you have already been injured on the job, you should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.