Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits If I Wasn’t on the Work Site When Injured?

Posted on : August 22, 2017
workers comp benefits for offsite accidents


The answer to the question of whether or not you will be covered by workers’ compensation laws when you are injured out of the workplace, will depend on the laws of your particular state. This is just one reason why you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer as soon as possible. The facts of your specific case will also articulate whether you are enabled to file a workers’ compensation claim.  

Typically, if the injury arises as a result of your scope of employment, it will usually be covered. For example, if someone travels regularly for work and is staying at a hotel for a conference or business purposes, compensation may be paid. If an employee is running an errand at the request of the employer outside the work site, however, compensation benefits may be paid if an injury occurs in the course of running such an errand.  

You’ll have questions about your claim as soon as you file it, so you should have a lawyer at your side from the very beginning. Talking things over with a lawyer you can trust is an important way to keep on track of your responsibilities and to have someone advocating on your behalf should problems arise in the case.

Employees that are injured while attending recreational events sponsored by the company may be eligible to receive workers’ benefits even if they were not physically on the property of the employer at the time of the injury. You may not need to necessarily file a lawsuit directly against your employer for workplace injuries, but should instead schedule a consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer sooner rather than later. The facts of your individual case will guide you as far as the next steps that you need to take to protect yourself. You may believe that it is as simple as filing a workers’ compensation claim and recovering the benefits you need. However, this is not always possible because there can be challenges along the way such as your workers’ compensation claim being delayed or denied. Having an experienced attorney in your corner to assist you with this process and to guide you through filing appeal for workers’ compensation benefits can be extremely valuable to you.