Most Common Workplace Accidents That Occur During the Winter

Posted on : December 3, 2017
a winter accident for workers' comp can be serious

Workers’ compensation claims can be triggered by many different events regardless of the weather. But as temperatures drop and people find themselves driving to and from work in the dark, the workplace can become a deadly place if the employer doesn’t take full steps to handle the situation with care. Proper safety gear and training can decrease the risk of an accident for people working in all kinds of industries, but when an accident does happen, a workers’ comp attorney should be retained immediately. The right lawyer can help whether you’re just starting your claim or whether you need more information about handling a claim already denied by the agency. In either case, prompt action is required.

If you think that you are at high risk for being involved in a workplace accident, you should know that certain accidents are more likely to happen during winter weather. As the weather gets colder and people are less comfortable operating their cars and working outside, your chances of being involved in a critical workplace accident are much higher.

Slippery surfaces and roads are just some of the hazards presented by winter weather. While it might not seem like the winter weather could have a true impact on your business, statistics illustrate another story. Exposure to extreme temperatures were behind nearly 17,000 deaths, according to recent information from the Centers for Disease Control. Furthermore, the American Journal of Emergency Medicine shows that an average of 11,500 people are treated in an emergency room for an accident related to snow removal every single year.

Slip and falls are also a very common problem associated with these types of accidents. Finding a workers’ compensation attorney who can help you file your claim and fight back if the insurance company is—. Even if you often work inside, winter weather could impact your safety and your commute. The Federal Highway Administration shares that frozen precipitation or weather-related conditions make up 20% of injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents. A workers’ compensation attorney is your strongest ally when moving forward with a claim.