Construction Industry on The Rise, But Inspections Decrease

Posted on : February 13, 2018


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Since some industries are home to a lot of serious and fatal accidents, precautionary measures are some of the most important ways that these accidents are avoided in the first place. Sadly, however, you cannot always stop a problem from happening.

Construction sites have become busier in the last several years as the construction industry is booming. However, new research indicates that the number of inspections on construction sites is decreasing. Some industry advocates argue that construction sites are not being monitored closely enough and that this could put employees on the construction site and passersby at risk of a serious injury. Inspections are an important component of holding supervisors and managers of a construction site accountable.

When there are safety violations or obvious problems that could put employees at risk, an inspection is used to identify these problems and to curb them as soon as possible, ideally before an incident occurs. The fewer the inspections, the less motivation that a construction site manager has to stay on top of the issues and to protect employees from the deadly impacts of malfunctioning equipment, improper scaffolding or inappropriate supervision.

All of these issues can contribute to the rising number of serious construction site investigations and fatal accidents. Anyone who is critically hurt on a construction site may be entitled to workers’ compensation as well as third-party claims against relevant individuals. A proper investigation needs to be completed of a workers’ compensation case as soon as possible to give the worker the best possible opportunity to recover all necessary compensation. Given that many construction site accidents are severe and lead to catastrophic injuries, it is extremely important for an injured employee to get help immediately from a lawyer who cares about the future of the employee. Navigating the workers’ compensation process is notoriously difficult and requires help from an outside lawyer.

Workers’ compensation cases are very difficult if you don’t know what to expect when your case goes forward. Do you know what to do after you’ve told your employer about an accident? Don’t wait to get help because your future is worth it.