What Happens If I Go Back to Work and My Injury Is Severe?

Posted on : January 2, 2018
are you still hurt after a workplace injury?

If you have recently been hurt in a workplace accident, you need to be carefully evaluated by your own medical professional as well as the doctor recommended by the workers’ compensation insurance company. You might find it difficult to figure out how to move on with your life, if the injuries are severe. If the doctor working for the insurance company and your employer tells you that your injuries are fully healed even though you are suffering from significant pain and cannot identify a way forward for yourself, you need to continue to take notes of all doctor’s appointments and report your concerns to your own doctor.

If your injury gets worse, it can be a big mistake to go back to work too soon. It might even affect your workers’ comp claim. You should always talk things through first with your workers’ comp attorney so that you’re fully prepared for what to do next.

While you need to attend every appointment that is scheduled for you with the insurance company’s doctor, getting a second opinion from your own medical professional can help you fight back if the other doctor tells you that you should be ready to go back to work and you are not. Trying to go back to work too soon could actually inflame your existing injury and make it difficult for you to ever fully recover. This can be a major mistake that can follow you for many years to come. Furthermore, trying to push it too hard could curb your ability to get better and might also add to additional stress. Further stress does not make it any easier to heal from the physical injuries sustained from a workplace accident. Trying to go back to work when it’s too soon, not only inflames the existing injury, but might make it appear to the insurance company that you are better when you are truly not.

You need to speak up for yourself if you are still struggling to move on and go back to work because your injuries are still persistent. Sharing this information with your doctors will ensure that it is in your medical records, should you need to fight back and argue for additional workers’ compensation benefits.