What You Need to Know About Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace

Posted on : December 18, 2017
hire a slip and fall lawyer if you've been hurt

Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of workplace accidents are slips, trips and falls. These account for more workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims than any other cause. They often require that the worker take days off of work to recover or even weeks or months and this can lead to negative implications for the employee’s future employment options.

If you slip and fall at work, you may need to tell your employer right away. If you wait too long or never tell your boss, you might not be able to receive workers’ compensation. This can lead to you paying all your own medical bills for an accident that would have been covered otherwise.

This includes claims from those working in offices. In fact, office workers are two and a half times more likely to suffer a slip, trip and fall injury at work than workers in any other industry or environment. Unfortunately, unsuspecting office employees are the victims of overlooked and hidden fall hazards every single day. Cables, wiring and cords that are stretched throughout the office or between desks can increase the chances of a serious accident.

It is all too easy for an employee to catch one of his or her feet on these cords and fall. It is also very easy for these hazards to be avoided or corrected thankfully, and this could help to prevent serious workers’ compensation claims. Offices should always take every effort to evaluate potential obstacles in the office and repair uneven floors in addition to running wiring along ceilings and walls and never on the floor. Pathways and hallways in an office should always be clear of paper and any other objects to ensure that there is a reduced chance for someone to catch their foot on an item and slip, trip and fall. If you or someone you know has already been injured in a slip and fall accident in the workplace, you may have grounds to pursue a claim for compensation with the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer.