New Study Says That Workers’ Compensation Benefits Frequently Don’t Cut It for Injured Workers

Posted on : July 6, 2017
workers' comp benefits may be a crucial component of your case after an injury on the job

If you’ve recently been injured, you probably have questions about the benefits to which you are entitled and how to proceed with your case. One of the most common questions for anyone facing a workers’ compensation claims issue to wonder about their ability to recover financially. Even when the insurance benefits cover your medical needs, the reduced wages or a lump sum settlement could make it difficult for you to proceed with your life financially. Hiring a workers’ comp lawyer can help.

A new study based on data from Michigan indicates that the total income benefits and earnings for an average worker who received workers’ compensation benefits within a ten-year period following the injury make up just 80% of what that employee would have earned if he or she was not injured. This study was published by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute and may be used by policy makers and other stakeholders in determining the appropriateness of income benefits that workers get after an injury. Workers within one to twelve months of temporary disability benefits had an income that would replace up to 95% of incomes had the employee never been injured in the first place. Those workers with

Those workers with permanent partial disability or a lump sum payment, however, had projected income for the ten-year period following their injury to replace just 69% of the earnings they would have been entitled to without an injury. 44% of workers who had more than one month of temporary disability benefits were able to return to work and stay continuously employed. However, 31% had initially planned to return to work, but experienced sporadic ability to complete their jobs after the initial return. If you have recently been injured on the job, it is imperative that you file a workers’ compensation claims promptly. There are many complexities associated with the workers’ compensation claim process and it becomes more important to have an attorney at your side if you have already had a claim denied. Having an attorney who can help you with your appeal and fight for the claim benefits that you desperately deserve and have an important impact on your case.