Should I Record a Statement About my Workplace Accident?

Posted on : February 22, 2018

Remaining compliant with employer requests following a workplace accident but doing so in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your rights is one of the hardest aspects of managing a workers’ comp claim. After you’ve reported the incident to your employer, they may ask you to visit with the insurance company’s doctor and to fill out paperwork. While the vast majority of paperwork is standard, it’s still a good idea to have it reviewed directly by your workers’ comp lawyer. Your attorney can tell you more about whether this paperwork could end up hurting you.

The insurance company is likely to contact you when your case is moving through the process of getting approved. They may ask for various things and request that you fill out paperwork. If you’re not careful, however, you could end up giving them more information than they need or misstating something that could get your benefits denied. That’s why it’s far better to talk to a lawyer at all stages in the process to avoid mistakes and to get better clarity on how to proceed.

When the insurance company asks for a recorded statement, you should generally cooperate. This is because they may allege that your failure to cooperate can be cited as a reason to deny your claim. The insurance company must review all the information they receive and use this to make a decision about your case. You might be concerned that the insurance carrier is looking for ways to deny your claim and this might make you hesitant about cooperating.

The request for a recorded statement is a typical one and it’s one that you can respond to with general information about how the incident happened. You don’t need to provide a high level of detail in this recorded statement. Your workers’ comp lawyer can also walk through what to expect in a claim like this so that you feel confident about the statement itself. On the whole, this is a standard procedure and one that you should consider typical, but also one that you should view with caution. A recorded statement should be a general version of events. You can save more details for later on in the process.