Taking Notes at Your Doctor’s Appointments During Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Posted on : November 6, 2017
take notes during a doctors visit for a workers' comp injury

Documentation is everything when you’re looking at a workers’ comp claim.
Have you recently been injured on the job and initiated a workers’ compensation claim? Your employer will most likely recommend a doctor that you will need to visit with, after you have been injured to get their evaluation of your injuries. However, you do still have the opportunity to get your own doctor to review your case and identify whether or not the workers’ compensation doctor was in line with the diagnosis and the treatment recommendations. When you visit with any doctor, whether approved by your employer or whether your individual physician, you need to take notes after the meeting.

Discuss the symptoms that you shared with your doctor as well as the doctor’s recommended course of treatment, his or her comments on your condition and any new updates to medications or rehabilitation options you would be pursuing. It can be difficult to keep track of all of the details associated with your various medical appointments, but when you do this each time you visit with your doctor and keep track of it in a note book, this information can prove helpful in the event that your workers’ compensation claim is delayed or denied.

Furthermore, if you hire a workers’ compensation attorney to step and represent your interest in a legal claim, the information you have kept track of throughout your various medical appointments will be extremely helpful in identifying the course of your treatment and the fact that you attended all of these appointments. You do not want the workers’ compensation approval or denial team to say that you did not follow up on your treatment and use this as grounds for denying your claim. When you have your own records, this can be used to help support your serious injuries. Your workers’ comp lawyer can help you.