Will I Be Able to Go Back to My Old Job After a Workers’ Compensation Injury?

Posted on : September 12, 2017
go back to your old job after a workers' comp injury

Have you recently been hurt on the job? If so, your ability to figure out your next steps is very important for your workers’ compensation claim. Having a lawyer who can help you is crucial for outlining what you intend to accomplish as you file the claim to recover benefits.

One of the most common questions surrounding people who have been seriously injured on the job is whether or not they will be able to return to their old employment situation after recovering from the injury. One thing to remember is that your doctor will determine the point at which you have reached maximum medical improvement, which refers to the situation after which you are unlikely to get any better. This may not mean that you are fully recovered and unable to go back to your old job or employment situation. This can be a hard situation to accept, but a position made easier by having the right lawyer to help you with your claim. 

Your employer should try to work with you to make accommodations if your work injury has affected your ability to complete your job. However, if you are unable to do your job at all, this will ultimately factor into whether or not you receive a workers’ compensation settlement. Having an attorney to assist you with all processes associated with applying for disability or workers’ compensation benefits is strongly recommended. Most people who have sustained a serious work injury will not know how to proceed in a case like this and will not realize many of the most common mistakes that jeopardize other people’s ability to recover effective benefits.

When you are not able to return to your job because of a serious injury, you need to be counseled by an experienced attorney who has assisted many other people through this process so that you can fully understand the factors influencing your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits and how your life will change. There are many different factors that determine whether or not you’ll be able to return to your former job but having an attorney to advise you on this complicated situation can make all of these cases much easier.