Workers’ Comp Victims Using Less Opioids

Posted on : July 24, 2017
an injured worker may be prescribed opioids after a workplace injury


Have you recently been injured on the job? If so, part of your evaluation process with doctors might have included a prescription for medicine, among other things. These medicines might initially help to ease the pain, but they also come with some dangerous side effects and it’s easy for someone to become reliant on these drugs as well.

A recent examination of prescriptions for opioids evaluated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that those in charge of treating injured employees are doing a better job at cutting down on prescriptions for these powerful painkillers. The average day’s supply per opioid prescription increased by 33% from 13 days back in 2006 to nearly 18 days in 2015, according to the CDC research. The annual study of opioid prescriptions identifies that opioid prescriptions reached a peak in 2010 and then decreased annually through 2015, although they remain at high levels and this information varies from one county to another.

If you have been seriously injured on the job, you may have been prescribed opioids in order to help you recover. The study found that opioid prescribing in workers’ compensation cases has been reduced significantly. Being prescribed opioids can carry significant risks for you as it relates to being able to recover. There are risks associated with taking these medications that could outweigh the benefits.

No matter the type of injuries you sustained, it can be shocking to realize just how much an accident can impact your life. In fact, you may be unable to return to work for weeks or months, or you may deal with pain on a regular basis. Sometimes even physical therapy and surgery cannot fully return you to the physical state before your injury. That’s where a workers’ compensation claim may help you to recover to the fullest extent possible. The right lawyer can help you with that process, as there are many mistakes you might make trying to handle a worker’s comp claim on your own.


If you have recently been injured on the job and are curious about the medications or other treatment options available to you, contact a knowledgeable workers’ comp lawyer today.