Who Is Most Likely to Use Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Posted on : February 6, 2018
A workers comp lawyer should be hired by anyone hurt on the job
Anyone can file a workers’ compensation claim if they can show that their illness or injury is directly related to their job. However, certain people are more likely to file for workers’ compensation benefits than others. These compensation claims usually pay for ongoing medical expenses and represent a portion of the lost wages due to [Read More]

Does it Matter Where/How My Injury Happened for Workers’ Comp?

Posted on : June 5, 2017
where and how your work injury happened could influence your workers' comp claim
If you are interested in obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, you will need to indicate with evidence that your illness or your injury is associated with work. While workers’ compensation covers a broad range of illnesses and injuries, not every instance will be covered and give you the protection you need. Talking to your supervisor and [Read More]