Hiring An Attorney For Social Security Disability 

Social Security Disability Applications LawyerIf you are totally disabled because of a work-related injury, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability. The SSD benefit can apply either while you receive workers’ compensation benefits or after it has run its course. However, it is difficult to apply and be approved for SSD.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me File?

There are many different pieces of information for a Social Security Disability application. For example, include medical records, lists of medications, a detailed accident report, and written statements from your doctors. An attorney helps you gather the necessary documentation. They also let you know what type of documents will increase your chances of approval.

Understanding Social Security Disability

Getting the Social Security Administration to see you as “disabled” is daunting. Often, the SSA will look for reasons why you can continue to work or perhaps even work at a different type of job. Generally, they are looking for any reason possible to deny your claim. In some cases, eligible people are denied benefits simply because the system is so complex. An attorney can discuss what it means to be considered “disabled” by the SSA and what requirements you must meet. In fact, attorneys can help you secure proof that you meet those requirements.

Filing an Appeal

If your claim is denied initially and you must file an appeal, it is absolutely essential to have an attorney on your side. If filing initially is complex, working on an appeal is even more so.

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