What You Need To Know About Selecting A Workers’ Com Physician

Selecting a Workers’ Comp DoctorOnce your condition is stable after emergency medical care, you will visit a physician for treatment.

Does My Employer Choose My Doctor?

In some states, you will visit a physician of your employer’s choosing. These are usually private physicians who reached an agreement with your employer to provide medical care for employees injured on the job. Continuing medical care, including diagnostic testing and medication management, is typically done through this physician.

Can I Choose a Different Doctor?

Many states allow injured employees to choose their own physician. This is especially true in cases where a second opinion is desired or a specialist is needed to manage the injury and the resulting medical conditions. However, it’s important to note that the costs of simply visiting another doctor may not be covered. An employee typically goes through a process of approval if he or she wishes to see another physician.

Will My Employer’s Doctor Provide Adequate Care?

The physician that your employer chooses is as capable of caring for your medical condition as one of your choices. Something to keep in mind though is that this doctor may be influenced by your employer in some ways. Getting a second opinion or selecting your own doctor when possible is almost always in your best interest.

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Getting a Second Opinion 

Getting a Second Opinion In many states, injured employees have the legal right to obtain a second opinion from a doctor other than the physician selected by their employer. Getting a second opinion whenever possible is typically a good idea.

Why Might I Need a Second Opinion?

Your employer’s physician likely provides the same quality of medical care as any other physician. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that the doctor your employer chooses may be influenced by your employer.

For example, the physician your employer chooses may be looking to minimize your injuries or get you back to work sooner than you are ready. This may be true if doing so would be in your employer’s best interests. A second opinion can provide information that either corroborates the report or challenges it.  

What If My Doctor’s Opinion Is Different from My Employer’s Doctor’s Opinion?

Often, injured employees get a second opinion that differs from the report provided by their employer’s physician. In this case, it’s critical to work with an attorney well-versed in workers’ comp law to ensure your injury is reported correctly and truthfully, and that you are not cleared to go back to work or pressured to do so before you are physically ready and able.
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