What Are The Time Limits on Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Time Limits on Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim




Few people think about filing a workers’ comp claim in the few weeks after an injury, especially if it is serious but there are time limits to be aware of. In fact, many people with serious work injuries spend weeks or months in the hospital. It’s all they can do to try to recover physically from the injuries sustained on the job.

However, there are time limits for filing a workers comp claim. If this time limit passes, you forfeit your right to file a claim at all. Many individuals and families rely on workers’ compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages after a work accident. So, it’s important to file a claim as soon as possible after the incident.

How long you have to file differs between states. In many states, it’s a year after the injury. It’s critical to reach out to an experienced team of workers’ compensation attorneys who understand the laws in your state. They can let you know how long you have to file your claim. If you are a family member of someone seriously or critically hurt at work, you may work with an attorney on their behalf. This is because the statute of limitations on filing a claim could pass before they are well enough to file on their own.

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