What Is The Timeline For Workers’ Compensation Benefits To Start?

When Workers’ Compensation Benefits StartWhen an employee is injured at work, he or she needs workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. However, many families are left waiting for their benefits. In the meantime, they rack up medical expenses and go into debt because of a lack of income from work. There are two main benefits to workers’ compensation, and they generally start at different times.

When do Do Medical Benefits start?

Because an injured employee requires medical care, medical benefits are provided right away. An employee can obtain medical benefits before the claim’s approval. This allows them to receive the care they need immediately after the injury.

Wage Loss Compensation

While workers’ comp offers partial compensation for wage loss while an injured employee is out of work, it takes time for these benefits to activate. Unlike medical benefits, your claim must be filed and approved before wage loss compensation begins. Once the claim is approved, it takes a few weeks to receive compensation for your time out of work. A doctor must sign a form stating your injuries prevent you from returning to work before payments will be made.

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