Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Workers' Compensation AttorneyWhen you are injured on the job, it is difficult to think clearly about how to protect your rights. You want to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. While it is possible to obtain workers’ comp benefits without a lawyer, it is not necessarily recommended. The process can be quite difficult. If your claim is denied initially, you will almost certainly have to hire a lawyer at that stage. Working with a workers compensation attorney from the start of your claim can help it to go as smoothly as possible.

Ensuring Benefits Aren’t Overlooked

There are many types of workers’ compensation benefits. They may or may not be available to you depending on the type of injury suffered. While most people are aware of medical benefits and compensation for lost wages, they are less aware of supplemental disability benefits and other types of compensation available. Additionally, calculating what you should be receiving for lost wages can be challenging. Consider bonuses, meals, commission and more when determining how much you should be paid while you are out of work.  

The Odds May Be Stacked Against You

Although many employers offer workers’ compensation benefits, that doesn’t mean your employer wants you to take advantage of them. Your employer may try to dissuade you from filing an accident claim. Or, they may undermine your injury to prevent paying for expensive medical care and replacing two-thirds of your income while you heal. It is in your employer’s best interest for you to return to work quickly with as little medical care as possible. You may be climbing an uphill battle when filing for workers’ compensation. An attorney can help you navigate the challenges obtain the benefits you need after an injury sustained at work.

Cases Where You Would Benefit Most from Working With an Attorney

Workers' comp injury attorneyWhile all cases benefit from the help of a workers’ comp lawyer, there are somewhere having solid legal support is critical. For example, if you required surgery after your injury, you’ll likely need an attorney to ensure that the medical expenses are covered. Or if your injury prevents you from returning to work in the same capacity or returning to work at all. If you’re partially or totally disabled due to your work-related injury, the case becomes exponentially more difficult and you would benefit substantially from working with a lawyer.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a workers’ comp attorney to represent you, whether you’ve suffered a minor or severe injury. Our workers’ comp team will provide you with zealous advocacy. We will inform you of your rights and legal options every step of the way. Call now for more information.

How a Qualified Workers’ Comp Lawyer Can Help Improve the Chances of Your Claim Being Approved

While some workers’ compensation claims are approved without the help of an attorney, these are usually cases where the injuries are minor and the employee didn’t require substantial medical care. Generally, these cases result in the employee returning to work fairly quickly.

However, other workers’ comp cases are much more complex. Employees who are severely injured, require surgery, or are partially or totally disabled may have a more difficult time with claim approval.

While it may seem counter-intuitive for employees who need benefits the most to have their claims denied, this often happens. By working with an attorney, however, you can help increase the chances that your claim is approved and you receive the benefits you need to recover from your injuries.

Help With Filing the Initial Claim

Workers' compensation claims attorneyThe initial paperwork you send in after your accident is critical, only an experienced attorney can help you on how to file for workers comp. You’ll need a formal accident report that details exactly what happened before, during, and after the accident. This report should be from your point of view. You’ll also need any medical records you accrued and a physician’s initial assessment of your injuries. This is usually conducted by a doctor of your employer’s choosing. An attorney can assist you with filing the initial claim and ensuring that all paperwork is included and error-free.

Putting Pressure on the Approval Board

An attorney can work directly with workers’ compensation insurance companies and labor boards within your state. They can put pressure on them to evaluate your claim in a timely manner.

When you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, it’s less likely that your claim will sit forgotten on someone’s desk. Your attorney can handle much of the red tape for you while you focus on healing. Additionally, the pressure of an attorney can help keep your employer from undermining your claim or influencing their chosen physician to report your injuries and ability to work in a way that is more beneficial to them.

Statistically, more workers’ compensation claims are approved when they are initiated by an employee’s attorney than claims filed by an employee without legal representation.

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If you were injured on the job, don’t wait to run into challenges with your claim before contacting a workers’ compensation attorney. By working with a lawyer from the start, you can increase the odds of claim approval without having to appeal a denial. The chances that you receive the maximum compensation allowed by your state are greater with the help of a lawyer.

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